Zune File Transfer Race

We crashed Microsoft's New York Zune party last night and got some extra hands-on time with the soon-to-be-released player. We've already given you our in depth review, but were curious to see just how long it'd take to send music from one Zune to another. Gawker videographer Richard Blakeley filmed the exchange which took under 30 seconds from start to finish using Art Brut's "Emily Kane" as our music guinea pig (the song is a 2.41-minute track). Still curious before you buy? We also got a video of the player's complete interface coming up for ya.

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Ok, so zune2zune works. It's not like this was unexpected.

Call me an Apple fanboy if you like, but I still think the iPod is better, even missing the wifi feature.

And hey, eventually, when Apple decides a wireless feature is called for, they'll actually do the job right. That is, let you connect directly to the iTunes Store and purchase OTA. And if they really get it right, it will also have bluetooth in it for both headphones and connection to a mobile in case you're out of wifi range (downloading over EDGE, EVDO or HSDPA wouldn't exactly be painful).

This time Microsoft got there first with a feature. Nice job Bill. While I'm no an of DRM, FairPlay's got anything WMA beat 9 ways to Sunday.

I'm expecting to see a new touchscreen iPod before too long anyhow, particularly after that leak last week...