Zune Getting Down with Games

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Maybe the boys at Redmond knew what was coming today cause they've decided to ramp up their Zune with games. Microsoft wouldn't say what type of games the Zune will be able to play (Doom? Rad Racer? Bejeweled?), but it's obviously a move to catch up with Apple. The downside, you'll have to wait till July 2008 before you can play them.

Microsoft Will Add Video Games to Zune [Bloomberg]

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Depends on the gamer. The kind that like Tetris et. al. probably won't like Contra - they're two different genres of games. It's like saying a Sony Walkman MP3 player is better because it would be able to play Final Fantasy on it. Those who like Tetris don't see the appeal, those who like Contra also don't see what's so good about it.

Geometry Wars is fun, but I wonder how you'd control it on the Zune - are there enough buttons? And can you play effectively with one hand? (the most two-handed playing I had was in Zuma - one to hold the iPod the other to aim and shoot since it's a bit more accurate than thumb-control).

Have to say that the clickwheel makes it interesting - especially in a game like sudoku (you can configure it to be a directional pad by touching, but clicking does something else, or just scroll).