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Zune Guy Getting Rid of Zune Tattoos, Probably Replacing Them With Something Equally Embarrassing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This, my friends, is absolutely shocking. That guy who made himself the laughing stock of the entire internet by getting himself tattooed up with not one, not two, but three Zune logos, has decided to cover up the tattoos. It's not out of shame, however. We've known for a while now that this Adonis has no shame. The reason is much, much better.

I am done. I have had the Zune since day 1 and have noticed little improvement. I have tried my best to support them every step of the way but the recent Xbox Live announcement at E3 made me lose it. To not include Zune Marketplace or the ability to load videos from Xbox Live to your Zune made me finally give up. I am in the works of figuring the best way to get a new tattoo to cover the logo on my arm. Thanks for all the harsh comments and you will see very little of me anymore.


That's right folks, the biggest Zune fan in the world is giving up on his beloved because Microsoft didn't offer Xbox integration.

I really wonder if this guy understood that tattoos were permanent when he got these. I mean, he got them on day one, during the first, unimpressive generation of the Zune's life. It was never a very exciting player out the gate, never offering anything that couldn't be found elsewhere except squirting and the pass, but he saw something there that he was convinced he would be passionate about for the rest of his life. Now, not too far in the future, he's throwing in the towel because he can't load videos on his Zune from his Xbox? Come on dude, you were so into the Zune, but you're giving up over something as silly as that? I thought you were stronger. More stubborn. More stupid. You've really let me down. [ZuneScene]