Zune HD Amazon Listing Hints At Games, Apps

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Amazon's listing for the upcoming Zune HD is a little sparse for the time being, given how little we actually know about this device. Buried in the product description, though, are clues for a possible bombshell: game and app support.

This scroungy little rumor breaks down into two sections: the believable, important half; and the questionable, weird half. From the believable half, in the "Product Description" that has supposedly been supplied by Microsoft, we see this passage:

The device also has a built-in accelerometer, so it senses when it is moving. This lets you play games and use apps that are controlled by moving the device. The touchscreen QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to enter information.


Games? Apps? Where did that come from? This is taken from under the "Surf the Web on Your Zune: " heading, so one (disappointing) possibility is that it refers to accelerometer-enhanced web apps. But in any case, referring to "Games" and "Apps" in a broad sense implies—but obviously doesn't confirm—something beyond preloaded software. And so ends the solid half of this rumor.

Now, for rest: the Date First Available for the Zune HD is September 8, 2008, according to the listing. Some are reading this as confirmation of a September 2009 release date, as per earlier rumors; I see a typo, or a mistake. In that vein, the Technical Details section of the listing refers to "games from Xbox LIVE", implying the availability of native games. Again, this could mean something, but these sections—Technical Details and Product Details—are user-editable, and, in this case, full of typos and obvious mistakes. That a subtle feature mention could have slipped by one of Amazon's listings editors is completely reasonable, so I wouldn't stake any hopes on it.

That first part though? That's interesting, especially in light of Microsoft's download-y new Xbox strategy. [ZuneSpring via Zunerama]