Here's a statement I never thought I'd write: The newest Zune is selling out everywhere. Congrats to this underdog manufacturer "Micro-Soft" for finally hitting the big time!

Of course, as commenters have pointed out, it's possible, if not probable, that Microsoft is using the time-tested tactic of short supply to make sure it sells out everywhere. Until we get some hard numbers, there's no way to tell. In the meantime, here's how it shakes down (notice Microsoft's online store seems to have plenty of units):

Amazon has both the 16GB and 32GB versions backordered, as does Best Buy, while Newegg and both have only the 32GB left (and it probably won't last too long). Looks like the place to get it is Microsoft's online store, where both versions are available (and you can get those sweet Zune Originals engravings). Great to see the Zune HD getting the attention it deserves. (Maybe.)


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