More LED Backlit Crazyness To Drive Apple Fanboys Crazy

While Apple rumor sites keep kicking the LED backlit MacBook and iMac horse to death, somebody else keeps delivering the actual goods beyond Fujitsu: Toshiba Matsushita Display has released seven LED backlit screens.

They start with a too-small-for-a-Sub-MacBook-but-good-enough-for-a-multitouch-mega-platform-thang™ 8.9 inches, 1,280 x 768 pixel model. The range tops at 13.3 inches with 1,280 x 800 resolution and 300 cd/m2 brightness. That's more than the 250 cd/m2 of the MacBook and should give better battery life than the current backlight lamps.

Product page [TMD via Akihabara News]