Analyst: Apple's Multitouch Launching a "Mega-Platform"

Analyst Ben Reitzes from UBS predicts that Apple's multi-touch display technology, as seen on the upcoming iPhone, is going to spawn a "mega-platform" spread across many devices. That means he thinks we'll see touchscreen Macs in the next year, touchscreen tablet computers, touchscreen iPods, and even touchscreen TVs, which seems like a pretty stupid idea. Touchscreen TVs? Who wants to walk up to their TV and get their thumbprints all over it? What the hell is wrong with a normal remote control? Stupid analysts.

In any case, it's certainly likely that we'll see the multi-touch tech spread to more products beyond the iPhone, such as the iPod, but we're still not sold on touchscreens replacing keyboards and mice. Time will tell, I guess.


AppleInsider [via Raw Feed]

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