The Mac sites are humming with rumors of Multitouch Apple Cinema Displays. I can trace the inspiration for these posts from two sources, at least here at Giz. First, the video above. Stunning, ain't it? Secondly, I received this loosy-goosy email the other day:

During a dinner with a very old friend, who happens to be an anonymous designer at Apple...when my dad mentioned his plans to get two large flat screen monitors side by side for his macpro, the designer said wait just 2 years, then...proceeded to demonstrate the multi-touch screen of the iPhone.

An email isn't enough to spark a rumor, but that's not what this is about. The blogs are excited about the notion. I am, too, but I am also aghast. The thought of doing 12 hours of work on such a monitor reminds me of these terrible things:


a) the inverse relationship of proper ergonomics and proper viewing distance on such a setup b) unnecessary exercise c) being punished in grade school for flying paper airplanes by having to clean the chalkboards after school. It sucked.

I like my trackpad. I never have to take my hands off the keyboard to move my pointer. It is the virtual fulcrum of the stone-heaving work that is bloggistry. Don't make me compute the way they're done in meatspace, please. Well, beyond the iPhone's finger flick, and Wiimote that is.

I don't know if Steve would launch something like this without doing a gut check on how useful the tech would be, first. Maybe, it will be left as another secret in the catacombs of the Apple Design Labs.


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