Sony Ericsson Claims 20MP Photography, HD Video Recording in 2012 Phones At the behest of Sony Ericsson, the newest, dumbest megapixel war is officially upon us — and this time it's in cell phones. In an ambitious presentation about the future of handset technology, the company made a point of throwing out a target for 12-20MP for it's phone cameras, along with the capability to record HD video, to be met in 2012. We've seen that compact HD video recording is attractive and plausible , but years of relentless digital camera advertising has taught us that tons of megapixels does not a decent camera make. While a megapixel pissing contest may be an effective marketing strategy, it's doubtful that it'll be most conducive to higher quality photos — the biggest weaknesses of current phone cameras have nothing to do with pixel count, but crappy CMOS sensors and dumpy little lenses. This declaration was buried in between a few other predictably optimistic projections: LTE connectivity at 100Mbps, 1GHz CPU speeds and 1024x768 screen resolution. Interesting numbers for sure, but they don't really much vision for what such a device might actually look like. [TechOn ]