More Information on Verizon's Alleged Mandatory Data Plan Boy Genius Report is claiming they have acquired the original two-page document that was leaked earlier concerning a rumor that Verizon could require a $30 data plan for all new smartphones starting November 14th. Except for Government customers, this change would affect all Verizon customers. In addition, in 2009, select web devices that carry a full HTML browser would also require a data plan, either $15/month for VCast or the Connect or Premium Plan which includes data.Of course, the changes only apply to new wireless plans and phones launched after November 14 . Any existing PDA or smartphone customer with Data Block, Pay As You Go, or 10MB/$24.99 feature would not be impacted. However, any existing customer who wishes to have a smartphone activated after the 14th would be subject to this new policy. [Boy Genius Report ]