Our New MacBook Airs Are Bugging Out. Are Yours?

Over the past couple of days, a few of us had the great good fortune of receiving our new MacBook Airs direct from Shanghai via FedEx. Is there anything so thrilling as the promise of a fresh computer, sealed in its box, untouched and cold cold cold?

But wait! Hold up. Our brand-spanking-new MBAs are bugging out! Earlier this afternoon, mine froze abruptly, with few programs running. And just now an ominous-looking black box flashed onto my screen, announcing that I need to restart my computer, no explanation.

Our New MacBook Airs Are Bugging Out. Are Yours?


Tipped off by Giz intern Michael Zhao (whose MBA gave him the same shenanigans earlier, as did his brother's), I rebooted to Disk Utility mode, verified disk permissions, and repaired the permissions errors that were reported.

It's worth noting, I think, that all three of our computers have the upgraded RAM.

Anyone else experience the same issue/s? Something different? Discuss!