Even if it's bleak and dreary outside your window wherever you are, it's not bleak and dreary right here. From architecture to art to anything that will make your eyes feel like they're at a buffet of beauty, these are some of the best design posts we found this week.


These Mesmerizing Landscape Photos Turn Infrastructure into Art

The term "landscape photography" usually conjures up visions of green vistas and sublime natural landscapes. But photographer Toshio Shibita takes a different approach in his series, Constructed Landscapes. Rather than focusing on what's natural about the landscape, he focuses on how humans have changed it.



How NYC Totally Rebuilt Its Shoreline in Just Five Months

The most expensive and complex effort to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy didn’t concern floodgates, transit, or even buildings. It concerned the beach: 14 miles of gritty—and beautiful—shoreline that are reopening after only nine months. Last week, the city’s Commissioner of the Department of Design and Construction…



Microsoft: This Is How We Design Today

Microsoft has never been cool and its product have never looked cool. The 38-year-old company was founded on 1s and 0s. Design was never in the company's DNA. It was never about aesthetics and it didn't have to be. But its plain to see that the Microsoft of today is a little bit hipper, a little bit cooler and a heck…


The Supermaterial That Could Make Plastic Obsolete Is... Mushrooms?

Fungus is, almost universally, not a good thing to have in your walls or personal belongings. And normally, selling certain strains could lead to federal charges. But a company called Ecovative is violating both of those rules, creating packaging and building materials from fungus—and they’re being lauded as…


Refuse to Drink Wine From Anything But These Crazy Anatomical Carafes

Next time someone offers you a glass of wine, refuse unless its presented from a carafe as incredibly attractive as this.


This Gigantic Building Will Be Lego Paradise on Earth

Lego has been creeping its way into the architecture market for years now—see their Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright models for reference—but they've steered clear of building full-scale buildings based on the modular plastic bricks. No longer: today, the companyunveiled designs for a visitor center that will …


Gorgeous Windswept Photos of Dubai's Booming, Bloated Metropolis

Ten years ago, there were more than 800 individual buildings under construction in Dubai at any given time. Today, Dubai and Abu Dhabi suffer from a vast oversupply of real estate: some claim that as much at 40 percent of buildings are vacant, though plans for more development are in the works. Matthias Heiderich,


Could Pop-Up Hotels Be the Answer to Manhattan's Office Vacancies?

The problem? Vacant office space in Manhattan has spiked over the past few years. One possible solution? Replicable pop-up hotel rooms designed by Danish firm Pink Cloud.