How To Survive a Long Flight With Just Your Smartphone

Even if you get the privilege of a rather clunky entertainment system built into the seat in front of you, having to sit inside a tin can for a stretch of several hours is always going to be a struggle. Thankfully, your most dependable gadget can help the time to quite literally fly by, even if you’re not connected to… »9/25/15 9:31am9/25/15 9:31am

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Not every app of the week is always new–sometimes even updates to apps are deserving enough for some fresh attention. This week there are a few updates to old goodies in the Windows Phone world, Android users can choose to take a step back in time to the days of analog video recording, and iOS has a newbie that lets… »9/24/15 11:33am9/24/15 11:33am

9 Minimal Word Processor Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

Many of us have some kind of writing to do during the course of the work day, but how do you get down to some serious typing with so many distractions around? These mobile and desktop apps tackle the problem head-on, stripping down the old word processor concept to its essential parts and enabling you to focus on the… »9/15/15 11:55am9/15/15 11:55am

Hide Sports Scores on Google Now to Avoid Spoilers

If you’re a sports fan then you might well have Google Now set up to ping you with updates about your favorite teams... but what about those times when you’re watching the game later and don’t want to spoil the surprise? The Android app lets you hide score spoilers until you’re ready to see them. »9/14/15 9:50am9/14/15 9:50am