This Could be the Most Sought-After April Fool's ThinkGeek Gag Yet

Mark my words, this year's ThinkGeek April Fool's prank will wind up coming real—just like that Tauntaun sleeping bag. The only question is whether Apple will be a spoilsport and stop kids from getting a miniature sense of what it's like to queue up for a shiny new iProduct. All because of copyright protection blah… »4/01/11 4:40am4/01/11 4:40am

ThinkGeek's Personal Soundtrack Shirt Becoming a Real Product

One of ThinkGeek's many fantastic April Fools' products is now becoming real, following the same path as the 8-bit Tie last year. This one, the Personal Soundtrack Shirt, takes a little bit more engineering effort than a tie, so if you're interested in one you'll have to put yourself on their notification list. But… »4/03/08 3:50pm4/03/08 3:50pm

Green House Telephoto Kit Gives 8x Zoom to Cellphones, Superman, Fools

Hey, fool! Why would I need a 8x cellphone zoom lens, complete with additional universal handset tripod and holder? That's right, I wouldn't, because B.A's eyesight is better than Superman's. Still, for those without Mr. T's 40:40 vision, Green House is doing a good thing releasing their Telephoto Kit. B.A. don't know… »4/01/08 4:25am4/01/08 4:25am