New Color Discovered

The Independent says scientists have discovered an eighth color of the rainbow.


REI Adventure Kitty!

Oh if only this were real, look at the teeny, tiny kitty hiking boots!


Southwest Airlines to Mars

Southwest is offering trips to Mars, but you're still going to have to wait in line, cattle-call style, until you can get your seat.

Colgate University

Colgate University offers a graduate school for Dentistry. Get it? You get it.

Lululemon Spray On Yoga Pants

Good on Lululemon for making fun of their terrible, see-through yoga pants.


Scientists Baffled by Square Eggs


Samsung Releases Wi-Fly

Samsung will now be using pigeons as flying wifi routers.

The Selfie Mirror

Bathstore is setling a Mirrorgram, the first selfie mirror.


Print Your Own Furniture

Houzz released an online feature where you can literally print out any piece of furniture you want with the click of a button.

Cheeto Perfume

It's called "Cheetau."

Linked In Cats

Linked In has some "Cats you may know" for you to check out.


Studying fMRI Scanners With fMRI Scanners

The Guardian wants to study fMRI scanners by placing them in fMRI scanners.


Hannibal the Cannibal Cooking Show

Hulu premiered the first trailer for their Hannibal spinoff series, In the Kitchen with Hannibal.


Virgin Launches Personal Climate Control

Snaps for the naming of the various climates travelers can choose from, there's "Chicago Polar Vortex" and "Standard Day in Los Angeles."

Google Pokemon Maps

Finally a way that will allow us to "catch 'em all" without getting lost.

Deviant Art Launches ThoughtART

See the concept art within yourself. ThoughtART will literally translate the images in your brain onto your computer. All the art without any of the work.


Carnegie Mellon Heads to the Moon



The Breaking Bad inspired pickle from firebox.



And now, the ThinkGeek selection of April Fools jokes (which are always the best). Here's a few of our favorites from this year.


Rosetta Stone for Klingon

I mean come on, how is this not a thing?

Mr. Beard Beard Machine

One part beard maker, one part coffee, 100% awesome.

Nerf Nuke

How is this also not a thing? Think Geek is less a funny April Fools joke master, and more of an evil toy tease.