Bang & Olufsen Invented a Giant $2800 iPod 

Something about Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound Moment looks familiar, huh? The aluminum and glass slab is basically a big iPod that's supposed to power wireless music throughout your house. This thing is going to cost a damn fortune, but there's a lot of lovely design to admire—even if no normal human will be able to… » 1/08/15 10:21am 1/08/15 10:21am

B&O's First High-End Wireless Speakers Pay Tribute to Its Past

Aerospace manufacturing, stiletto heels, modern architecture, and more: The design inspiration for Bang & Olufsen's three new wireless speakers—which were unveiled at an event in New York today—runs far and wide. » 10/29/13 12:53pm 10/29/13 12:53pm

The Best New Speakers

Bang & Olufsen is known for two things: high quality sound and high quantity price tags. The AirPlay savvy BeoLit 12 Wireless Speaker don't disappoint in either regard. Oh, and it looks like a pic-a-nic basket! » 1/11/12 5:37pm 1/11/12 5:37pm

Everyone Will Know You Own a Bang & Olufsen With the BeoSound 5 Encore…

B&O's products have such an air of wealth to them, I'm surprised more owners aren't killed each year. Their latest home-music system comes in at $3,350, and streams music from PCs, network servers, hard drives, other wireless devices and from over 13,000 internet radio stations. » 7/26/11 7:30am 7/26/11 7:30am

Bang & Olufsen's 85-Inch 3DTV Is Strictly for A/V Junkies

If the 85-inch, 3D display on Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 4-85 doesn't turn a few heads, maybe its motorized stand will. Their first foray into 3DTVs, Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision stand automatically tilts and rises to match your line of sight, giving you an optimum view of the anti-reflective plasma screen, which is… » 4/19/11 10:40pm 4/19/11 10:40pm

Klang Ultrasonic Speaker Puts the Sound Waves Where Only You Can Hear…

How can you listen to music as loud as you want without headphones and without annoying people around you? Consider Klang's ultrasonic speakers, which use a 30,000hz frequency to beam an audible wave to a single point. » 1/27/11 12:00am 1/27/11 12:00am

Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 8 Docks iPods, iPads and iPhones For $1,000+

It took them a good few years to cobble together some speakers and a docking station, but finally Bang & Olufsen has an iPod dock—the BeoSound 8, which costs (are you ready for this?) $1,400. » 11/10/10 8:00am 11/10/10 8:00am

BeoLab 11 Bass Unit Looks Produced by Robotic Ostriches

Bang & Olufsen has a farm of robotic ostriches in Denmark's platitudes, between Copenhagen and Billund. They feed them metal scrap and components, which they poop out in the form of these sleek bass units, the BeoLab 11. True story. » 4/15/10 12:40pm 4/15/10 12:40pm

Asus NX90 Polished Aluminum All-in-One Laptop

A strange amalgamation of notebook and all-in-one, we're not exactly certain what we should call the NX90, other than a polished aluminum beast. » 1/05/10 5:09pm 1/05/10 5:09pm

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 5 Home Phone Also Does VoIP

Though many of us ditched landlines long ago, B&O still pushes out cordless phones for those who can afford its designer wares. The BeoCom 5 handles two-landlines plus PC-based VoIP calls, and its portable speaker can double as a charger. » 10/21/09 11:55am 10/21/09 11:55am

BeoVision 10 Would Be Perfect for My Bachelor Pad

I just got my new apartment. A studio. Veehee cute, but small. That's why the BeoVision 10 has my name all over it. I mean, if my name was Bang & Olufsen. Or if I had a spare $8,700. » 10/19/09 4:35pm 10/19/09 4:35pm

Bang & Olufsen BeoTime Alarm Clock Caters to Flute Enthusiasts, the Rich

When Bang and Olufsen tackles a new type of device, they do it in a very specific way: oddly, stylishly, and with reckless disregard for cost. Exhibit F: The $375 BeoTime, a flute-like, accelerometer-equipped wireless alarm clock. » 7/15/09 10:10am 7/15/09 10:10am

Bang & Olufsen's 4-103 BeoVision Plasma Is Huge and Self Calibrating

At over $135,000, Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 103-inch plasma set costs nearly triple Panasonic's 103-inch baby or just as much as the 150-inch plasma champion of the world. Why? » 3/19/09 7:30pm 3/19/09 7:30pm

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 is a Reasonable Media Controller (For Your…

When Bang & Olufsen, maker of very expensive things that use electricity » 11/12/08 6:28am 11/12/08 6:28am, let slip of their upcoming BeoSound 5 home media controller, I saw a lot of potential. The interface looked nice, the hardware classy, and the screen crisp — in other words, if this thing connected with network music shares and played nice with…

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Home Media Controller Spotted, Blurrily

Bang & Olufsen, maker of very expensive things that use electricity » 10/13/08 7:30am 10/13/08 7:30am, looks like they might be onto something with their BeoSound 5. With album art and a relatively complex menu displayed on the screen, it would appear that the BeoSound 5 will be a pretty comprehensive (and of course, stylish) control interface for…

Samsung and B&O Join Forces for the Dual-Slider F400

Behold the latest offering from Samsung and B&O: the 3G, dual-slider F400. Slide the front upwards and you get your keypad, slide it down and your B&O speakers heave into view. As well as the 2.2-inch QVGA display, there's an RDS-enabled FM radio and MicroSD card slot. Price is expected to be around the 380€ mark,… » 2/11/08 6:49am 2/11/08 6:49am

Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision HDTV Self-Calibrates With Its Robotic…

Tuning your television is something only videophiles and Gizmodo readers do (seriously, normal people don't care enough to spend a few hours on this), but Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 4 might change that practice. The 1080p TV has a built-in robotic arm with a camera on the end that swings down in front of the display… » 1/31/08 1:25pm 1/31/08 1:25pm

Bang & Olufsen C-Cap, Smells Like Insulin

Bang & Olufsen doesn't just make high-end *cough overpriced cough* audio equipment, they also design medical gadgets. Their C-Cap is meant to improve medication adherence by reminding diabetics and other patients requiring injected medication when to take the next dose, while housing the medication for convenience. » 10/23/07 10:55am 10/23/07 10:55am

Bang & Olufsen Serenata Hands-On Video

Zara over at Shiny Shiny got her hands on the Bang & Olufsen/Samsung Serenata phone, which isn't just a phone, it's a "personal music system." Even after watching the video it's unclear how the music UI capabilities outclass say, the iPhone, but the external speakers seem like they sound pretty great—it even has… » 10/04/07 1:50pm 10/04/07 1:50pm