Klang Ultrasonic Speaker Puts the Sound Waves Where Only You Can Hear 'Em

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How can you listen to music as loud as you want without headphones and without annoying people around you? Consider Klang's ultrasonic speakers, which use a 30,000hz frequency to beam an audible wave to a single point.


Designed as part of a project hosted by Bang & Olufsen, the Klang speakers use a satellite dish design and sound physics to focus the beam to one specific point. As Dvice points out, the soundwave is above the threshold of human hearing range, but ultrasonic waves splitin three, producing an audible wave encapsulated by two inaudible ones. Sound is only noticeable when it hits an obstruction. And because of this, the left ear can only hear sound coming from the left speaker and the right ear can only hear sound from the right speaker, creating an intense stereo experience.

But what does this mean for you, the user? Well, if these speakers were more than a prototype, you could enjoy porn and/or Justin Bieber as loud as you want without your parents and/or roommates ever knowing. Obviously. [Adam Moller via Yanko Design via Dvice]


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I actually got to listen to a prototype speaker that operated on this principle. It was really primitive, and there were certain frequencies that just wouldn't be produced due to resonance or destructive interference or something on the carrier wave. It also had no bass at all, as it could only reproduce sounds above 1000-ish Hz.

That said, it's absolutely mind blowing to be walking in a silent room, then suddenly hearing Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing from a distorted, tinny speaker, then silence again. It's like flipping a switch, there's no gradual rise or fall in volume as you walk into or out of the beam.