Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 8 Docks iPods, iPads and iPhones For $1,000+

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It took them a good few years to cobble together some speakers and a docking station, but finally Bang & Olufsen has an iPod dock—the BeoSound 8, which costs (are you ready for this?) $1,400.

If you convert it from the UK price of £900, that is—the final US price hasn't been specified just yet. So what warrants the price? Err, other than that sleek Danish styling and B&O label, there are two 70w active speakers (the dinner plates on either side of the dock), and there's while the idea is to obviously dock an iPod, iPhone or iPad, there's also a USB port and aux-in options too.

It comes in both white and black, and can be customized with various-colored decals for the speaker-plates. Sadly it can't be powered by batteries (so you'll have to ensure there's a power socket nearby), but I can see this slotting into the lounge very nicely along some rich man's B&O TV and home audio set-up. If that person has one of B&O's phones (I actually saw one in the wild once—had to take a photo of the man using it, I was that shocked), you can even use it as a remote for the dock. It's on sale in November in the UK, with worldwide availability and pricing expected at some point. [TechRadar]