China Cleaned Up Beijing's Smog For Its Military Parade, But Of Course It Didn't Last

It’s no coincidence that the China’s capital city had clear, sunny skies for the country’s huge military parade last week, or that Beijing’s dense smog returned the very next day. The Chinese government took extreme measures to guarantee clear skies for the its display, but it took less than 24 hours for air pollution… »9/06/15 11:00am9/06/15 11:00am

Incredible aerial view of Chinese New Year's fireworks over Beijing

Apparently, July 4th ain't got nothing on Chinese New Year in Beijing. This video was recorded on an airplane that was landing in Beijing at midnight of Chinese New Year and it shows all the fireworks going off at once across the city. It looks like every corner is firing off explosions at the same time. »2/24/15 10:31pm2/24/15 10:31pm

Four Ideas to Fix Beijing's Smog Airpocalypse, And One That Will Work 

The worst smog of the year so far swept into Beijing this week, coating the city in a grainy, deep grey murk on par with what the city endured in 2013, pictured above (though you'll see it's popping up again today). China is trying, hard, to get its air quality problem under control, and is considering some seriously… »1/15/15 1:35pm1/15/15 1:35pm

Beijing's Giant New Desalination Plant Will Give Water to the People

Beijing is one thirsty city. Its population of 22 million consumes barely 100 cubic meters of water per capita—one fifth the international water-shortage level—thanks to a chronic drought in the nation's north. But this massive desalination plant could help supply a third of the city's water singlehandedly. »4/21/14 11:40am4/21/14 11:40am

China Offers Smog Insurance for Sight-Seeing Tourists Who Can't See

China's debilitating smog problem isn't anything new at this point—at least for its residents. Tourists to Beijing, however, are still struggling with the fact that the sights they came for can often be virtually unseeable. To appease this growing group of angry travelers, China's biggest online travel agency now… »3/21/14 12:20pm3/21/14 12:20pm

This stunning image of a crowded, multi-layered library is not the work of M.C.

This stunning image of a crowded, multi-layered library is not the work of M.C. Escher. It's actually the National Library of China in Beijing, as featured in Travel 365. The library looks big because it is big: the fifth largest in the world, in fact, with over 24 million items in 1.8 million square feet. [National… »2/25/14 11:55am2/25/14 11:55am

The Worst Air Pollution in the World Is NOT in Beijing

Man, do we love talking at how much China's air quality sucks—so much that we've even been suckered into fake viral memes about it. But, as the New York Times reports, Beijing's air pollution isn't even that bad... relatively speaking. "Lately, a very bad air day in Beijing is about an average one in New Delhi," says… »1/27/14 2:20pm1/27/14 2:20pm

Modern Day China Painted By North Korean Propaganda Artists

At first glance, The Beautiful Future—a series of paintings made in Pyongyang, North Korea—looks like standard propaganda fare: Happy citizens, lush farmlands, and bustling industry. Except something's amiss: In the background of each painting stands an iconic piece of Beijing architecture—from the CCTV building to… »10/21/13 12:25pm10/21/13 12:25pm

Hutong Vs. Highrise: A Photo Essay On China's Radical Urban Changes

Beijing is one of the earliest still-existant cities planned around a grid: the old city is organized around a chessboard-like matrix of alleys, known as hutong, that date back at least a millenium. But as developers in Beijing scramble to built modern towers in the urban core, hutong are disappearing. »6/20/13 6:18pm6/20/13 6:18pm