Everyone Thinks Sam Smith's New Bond Tune is Rubbish

We’re just weeks away from the release of the latest James Bond epic Spectre, and now we know what the theme music will be. This time around the film-makers have opted to commission Sam Smith (the singer, not the beer as everyone knows that Bond drinks Martinis), and he’s come up with a track titled “Writing’s On The… »9/26/15 10:00am9/26/15 10:00am


Horse Racing and the Weaponized Landscape of Silicon Valley

Netflix added seven James Bond movies to its streaming library this week. With today's Kentucky Derby in the books, one of those newly-added Bond titles seems particularly ripe for revisiting: 1985's A View to a Kill, starring Roger Moore. It's kitschy enough to make you cringe, but with a story line that weaves… »5/03/14 8:00pm5/03/14 8:00pm

James Bond's Weird World of Inventions Chronicles 007 in 1966

The James Bond series has always had gushing reviews of their gadgety goodness, even before Jesus' take on Quantum of Solace »11/20/08 5:00am11/20/08 5:00am. This January 1966 article, look backs to the time when Sean Connery was filling 007's shoes. Remember the Disco Volante, the110-foot hydrofoil floating fortress? How about the Bell jet-pack…

Bullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne Cooler, For 007's Giant Gun

A giant gun that fires bullets containing chilled bottles of Bollinger...sounds like a psychedelic James Bond-theme dream. But at least the bullet bit is nearly a reality. Bollinger has come up with this 007-themed champagne bottle cooler in time for Quantum of Solace »9/30/08 12:10pm9/30/08 12:10pm that actually bullet-shaped, though there's no…

MotoPod Solves The Eternal Problem: What Do I Do With My Motorcycle When I'm Flying My Cessna?

Stash it under the belly of the plane for an Indiana-Jones-style getaway once you hit the landing strip, of course. The good folks at MotoPod »8/14/08 11:20am8/14/08 11:20am will mod your light aircraft with one of their aerodynamic moto-carriers, and give you a customized folding motorcycle to cram inside of it for around $10k. Sure it'll shave a…

Get Your James Bond Blu-Ray Fix For 32 Percent Less Off Amazon

Excited about the quintessential Bond collection coming out on Blu Ray in October? Amazon's giving you an even greater reason to be excited-a 32-percent discount on several James Bond films, including a Sean Connery three-pack of Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball. The perhaps less venerable three-pack of … »7/26/08 9:00pm7/26/08 9:00pm