Prison Inmate Bails Himself Out of Jail With Just a Phone

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Well, it's not exactly hacking your way out of prison, but it still worked. Ingenious Florida jailbird Larry Stone found a little glitch in his prison's phone system that let him scam enough money to post bail. Oh, Florida.


Stone, an inmate at central Florida's Lake County Jail for property damage charges, figured out that while the jail charges prisoners for calls, it refunds them twice for incomplete ones. Pretty good score. So he set about making 77 incomplete calls in three hours, earning him more than $1,250. Enough to post bond, and even have 50 bucks in freedom money.


Our hero wasn't free for long, though. The screws got wise when 256 other inmates tried the same thing. Stone was picked up shortly thereafter, and they fixed the glitch. But you can't knock a guy for trying. [Google News, ABC News]

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Zelda did it!

Just to check if I have my math right: A phone call costs 8 dollars, but when you don't finish it, you get 16 dollars back?

So, if I would call my mom and would just hang up in the middle of a sentence I receive 16 dollars? Or how do you make an "incomplete call"?

Edit: Ah, like THAT: The phone system charges inmate accounts for calls but refunds the money if the call doesn't go through. (from the Google News link)