Avatar Is Now the Highest Grossing Film of All Time, Meaning 3D Is…

After last weekend, it's a sure thing that Avatar has topped Titanic's $1.842 billion record. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf shares a bunk with a psychotic bed wetter in a public care facility. Every day he waits for that royalty check; every day he's force-administered drugs to battle the delusions. [Variety via Gawker] » 1/26/10 1:06pm 1/26/10 1:06pm

Apple Yanks Another Popular App from iTunes, This Time Box Office

Last week, Apple quietly stopped distributing NetShare, put it back up, and now appears to have pulled it again. But what could we expect? It was a piece of software allowing users to transform their iPhones into Wi-Fi hotspots. » 8/04/08 8:46am 8/04/08 8:46am