The Marvel vs. DC Debate Finally Ends With These Comic Book Chess Pieces

Everyone just assumed that the Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics debate would rage on forever—or at least until mankind became extinct. But Eaglemoss has finally come up with a way to figure out which company is better, Marvel or DC, with custom chess pieces featuring the most popular comic book characters from each side of… »5/18/15 2:12pm5/18/15 2:12pm

You'll Always Have Room in Your Bag for This Laser Cut Chess Set

Yes, there are literally thousands of chess games available for mobile devices. But there's still something utterly satisfying about moving physical pieces around an actual board, and facing your opponent. So skip the Chess With Friends and go with Jonas Lang's beautiful laser-cut chess set that's as easy to carry as… »1/14/13 10:14am1/14/13 10:14am