Cnet Columnist Says Asus Screwed Eee Brand Because It's From Taiwan

Jonathan Gardner of Cnet Asia had an interesting take on Asus' over-stretching of the Eee brand, blaming it on the company's inability to change their local, “Confucian” corporate culture. Gardner, a columnist who apparently knows »10/16/08 3:30am10/16/08 3:30am people, declared that “Asus will not be the next Samsung,” mainly because they're…

CNet Scoring System Analyzed; 70% of all gadgets between 6.0 and 7.9

I've always teased friends at CNet about their rating system, which appears to always rate products between 7 and 8, meaning everything is more or less "very good" in score. Ecoustics has done the job of analyzing 1,325 reviews from 2007 (all of them?) and figured out the exact math: 96% of all ratings from last year… »5/05/08 6:01pm5/05/08 6:01pm

Panasonic's Hot 85U Series Plasma Reviewed by CNet: Very Black, Not Better Than Pioneer's Kuro

CNet's David Katzmaier eats, breathes and shits Giant Plasmas, so when he reviewed Panasonic's 85 series plasmas, their best until the 800 and 850s come out, I noticed. In a nutshell, the 46-inch (yes, 46-inch) 1080p set's 30,000:1 contrast ratio gives it some of the blackest blacks he's ever seen...but unfortunately,… »4/18/08 3:39pm4/18/08 3:39pm

Vintage Computer Festival 10.0 Features Old Computers, Older Nerds

The 10th Vintage Computer Festival took place this past weekend at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, featuring, among other things, "the largest collection of Radio Shack Pocket Computers I've ever seen," says CNet's Peter Glaskowsky. Highlights in the gallery above include the 1-bit flat-panel… »11/05/07 10:40am11/05/07 10:40am