Worst Demolition Team Screws Up Same Explosion Twice

How hard can it be to blow up a building? My childhood experience with knocking over waist-high towers of cardboard blocks leads me to say "not hard," but this botched job by a demolition team in Sevastopol suggests otherwise. I mean, come on guys. » 12/26/14 12:00pm 12/26/14 12:00pm

Spectacular demolition destroys cooling tower in the most satisfying way

Watch a cooling tower being ripped apart in Lublin, Poland. It looks like an invisible hand is pulling a thin cord embedded in the concrete. Amazing. » 12/11/14 7:29pm 12/11/14 7:29pm

Steel From the Demolished Bay Bridge Will Be Reborn as Public Art

With the shiny new span of the Bay Bridge complete, California is now in the throes of a second, parallel construction project—or deconstruction project, really. The old Bay Bridge span, some 58,000 tons of steel and 245,000 tons of concrete, must come down. This week, officials decided that some of the bridge's steel… » 10/03/14 7:20pm 10/03/14 7:20pm

Luckiest guy in the world avoids death by stray demolition rock

Witness a man being born again as a huge stray rock—ejected from the explosive demolition of a clothing factory in Czech Republic—swooshes right by his head. A few inches closer and he would have been instantly killed. » 6/29/14 9:21pm 6/29/14 9:21pm

Amateurs demolish 100-foot tower using power tool, almost get crushed

This pair of insane amateurs decided to demolish a 100-foot high brick tower in Belarus with a handheld power tool—because everyone wants to win Darwin awards these days. » 5/30/14 8:36pm 5/30/14 8:36pm

Glasgow Will Demolish Its Tallest Buildings Live On International TV

When the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow this July, the city wants to put its best foot forward. The city thus has plans to blow up the Red Road flats, an infamous and now largely abandoned housing project, as part of its opening ceremony. A growing backlash, however, asks whether dynamiting the Red Road flats… » 4/07/14 3:00pm 4/07/14 3:00pm

9 of the Most Beautiful Buildings We Ever Tore Down

The years between 1880 and 1920 changed American cities completely: From elevators to air conditioning to electricity, the monumental buildings born during this period seemed like living things, humming with life. But as quickly as they rose, many of them were torn down—victims of the same progress that pushed them up. » 2/18/14 9:20am 2/18/14 9:20am

Germany Is Relocating Entire Towns To Dig Up More Sweet, Sweet Coal

Most of us think of Germany as one of the most energy-progressive countries in the world. But in recent years, it's also increased its dependence on a form of energy that's anything but clean: coal. And it's demolishing or relocating entire towns to get at it. » 2/14/14 3:40pm 2/14/14 3:40pm

Behold One of the Biggest Controlled Skyscraper Implosions Ever

It took more than 2,000 pounds of explosives to bring down this 32-story tower in Frankfurt yesterday—roughly the same amount as a Mark 84 bomb. Thankfully, since we live in the age of YouTube, there are plenty of astounding videos of the demo. » 2/03/14 8:40am 2/03/14 8:40am

The Two-Year Plan To Demolish San Francisco's Old Bay Bridge

It’s been almost a month now since the brand new eastern span of the Bay Bridge officially opened for traffic—24 years and nearly $6.4 billion since 1989’s Loma Prieta earthquake collapsed a section of the original. Now they stand side-by-side, but not for (too) long; a “construction and demolition” plan is underway… » 9/25/13 11:44am 9/25/13 11:44am

A Crew Demolished The Wrong House Two Different Times

Look, we all know how it is. You're at work, but your mind is somewhere else. It happens. You can't be too hard on yourself. Ideally your lack of attention wouldn't result in the wrongful demolition of two houses, but you're only human, right? » 8/25/13 8:09pm 8/25/13 8:09pm

Watch 450 Pounds of Dynamite Take Down a Power Plant

Out with the old, in with the new. Earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Florida Power & Light Co. demolished one of its power plants with 450 pounds of dynamite to make way for a cleaner and more eco-friendly plant that's slated to open in 2016. The Port Everglades plant had been in operation since the… » 7/17/13 1:12pm 7/17/13 1:12pm

This Concrete-Recycling Robot Devours Entire Buildings

Demolishing a building is a big, messy pain in the neck. Dynamite is loud and dangerous. Wrecking balls are heavy and dangerous. Why not just get a robot to do the work? » 7/10/13 6:00pm 7/10/13 6:00pm

10 Mesmerizing GIFs of Giant Buildings Being Demolished

We tend to think of demolition as destructive: dynamite, dust, and plenty of fireworks. But as a New York Times article recently described, demolition in dense cities is, more and more often, a "stealth" operation, where a building is dismantled over a number of weeks. » 7/01/13 9:12am 7/01/13 9:12am

Whoa, This Floor-by-Floor Demolition of a Skyscraper Is Amazingly…

When buildings grow past their prime, they usually reach their demolition fate—a cobbled, dusty mess—through dynamite explosion. It's a crashing spectacle of destruction. Loud, angry and ruthless. But maybe it doesn't have to be like that. Maybe it can be subtle, quite and peaceful. Maybe it can be a strategic… » 1/16/13 11:00pm 1/16/13 11:00pm

Watch This Immense Housing Structure Explode on Google Earth

Glasgow's Red Road tower block housing complex was constructed by the Glasgow Housing Associating (GHA) between 1964 and 1969, with the intention of providing a modern housing community for a whopping 5000 residents. » 6/12/12 9:00pm 6/12/12 9:00pm

Best Way to Demolish a House: Drive a Tank Straight Through It

The owners of a 150 year-old house in Kasota, Minnesota decided that when it came time to tear it down, they weren't going to use boring conventional methods. They were going to use a friggin military tank. America! » 5/04/12 1:20pm 5/04/12 1:20pm

Three Angles of Destruction: An Arena Collapses Like a Fiery Mess of…

Early Sunday morning, Orlando Amway Arena was demolished in under 20 seconds by 520 pounds of dynamite. The arena was originally built in 1989 and served as the home for Orlando sports teams for more than 20 years. Watch its last gasp from multiple angles above. [Orlando Sentinel via Laughing Squid] » 3/26/12 7:00pm 3/26/12 7:00pm

Pakistan Plans to Demolish Bin Laden's Compound—With RPG's

Osama Bin Laden may have gone out with a whimper but his secret lair in Abbottabad will soon be going out with a bang. A rocket-propelled bang, that is. » 1/11/12 9:50pm 1/11/12 9:50pm