These demolition experts are back to clear space in your Lego city

It is time to clear out some space in your Lego city, and the new sets in the City theme should do just the trick. Four new sets, launching March 1st, are returning construction workers (or in this case a demolition crew) back to the lineup after a 6 year hiatus. The new sets are up on the Lego shop-at-home page for your viewing pleasure.

Demolition Starter Set (60072) - $9.99 - The incidental purchase set here to get you going. These starter sets are actually usually pretty great. This thing is just 85 pieces, but comes with four minifigures and a small dozer. It can be used to tear down the toilet that was obviously ruined by the foreman after bean burrito night.

Service Truck (60073) - $24.99 - This little truck build comes in at 233 pieces and is the second toilet featured in this theme. I think it's brilliant that Lego has recently embraced the toilet as a feature in their sets. That has become completely evident in the Friends line as there are a ton of crappers in those kits. I'm glad to see this port-o-potty show up here, Everyone poops! (except the late Kim Jong-Il)

It could also be easily modified into a small TARDIS for you Whovians out there.


Bulldozer (60074) - $39.99 - At 384 pieces, this is the best value per dollar set. Though it is not nearly as cool as the Dozer (7685) from 2009, this set does provide you something to smash up.

Excavator and Truck (60075) - $49.99 - Coming in at 311 pieces, this set is, for whatever reason, already available. It hit the shelves before the first of the year. Though it isn't the first time it has been in a set, I really like the conveyor belt system for loading bricks into the truck.


Demolition Site (60076) - $89.99 - This 776 element set is the big one. It comes with 5 minifigures, the wrecking ball crane and two other small vehicles. It also has some cleverly built and barely together pieces of the building that you can smash, rebuild easily and smash again.


Lego has also released a cute 30 second promotional video showing how great these news sets are.

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