Watch a bridge get quickly and neatly demolished in this timelapse

This footage from a few years back shows a bridge in Bedfordshire, England getting demolished in less than 15 hours. Basically, a night’s work was all it took to vaporize a steel and concrete structure. It’s really neat to see the progression and to see all the machines working in tandem. It’s also just really damn impressive to see them get this done so quickly. It’s there one day and gone the next.


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No wonder the roads in parts of Europe and GB are so nice. They cover them up before demolition and even wash them off afterwards. Here in M’erica “they” just demolish what ever “they” want and then “fuck you” drive over the ruble in your new car or on a motorcycle; and hey we’re cheap lets rock chip seal the road. (hot tar followed by way too many tiny rocks ((which are left behind and not covered in another layer of binding tar for a couple of weeks))). Say good bye to that new windshield and paint job. Say hello to unstable corners Mr. Motorbike also have you meet Ms. Road-rash.