Security Lock Uses Any USB Device Unique Serial Number for Identification

The hackers at Makers Local 256 have created a secure door lock that can use any USB device as a unique key, from a memory stick to a mouse to an iPod. The ingenious system doesn't require to store anything in memory, which of course could be replicated, because it uses the USB serial number in the chip itself. The… »10/22/08 1:30pm10/22/08 1:30pm

Fluxxlab Revolution Door is Eco-Friendly, People-Powered Power Station

The Revolution Door is a concept from New York designers Fluxxlab that puts otherwise-wasted kinetic energy from a revolving office door to good use—generating power. Fluxxlab's rationale is that humans exert a chunk of their own energy when pushing a revolving door around, and it may as well be captured via gears and… »2/08/08 8:25am2/08/08 8:25am

Touchscreen Samsung Door Lock Looks Better Than Most Cellphones

Although normal locks are fine for the 20th century, these Samsung touchscreen door locks show that you're a man that doesn't settle for last year's technology. These locks, which come in black and silver for $180 (170,000 Won), have a Samsung cellphone-esque touchpad for easy number entry, plus aluminum alloy and… »8/29/07 8:30pm8/29/07 8:30pm