Security Lock Uses Any USB Device Unique Serial Number for Identification

The hackers at Makers Local 256 have created a secure door lock that can use any USB device as a unique key, from a memory stick to a mouse to an iPod. The ingenious system doesn't require to store anything in memory, which of course could be replicated, because it uses the USB serial number in the chip itself. The authentication process is simple:

• User inserts key into USB hub hooked to a PC • Computer reads serial ID of key • Computer compares serial ID to list of valid serial ID in a table \ DB \ Flat File • If good, computer writes data ("Unlock!") to USB line of Microcontroller • Microcontroller instructs servo to go to unlocked position for 5-10 seconds.

The project—which uses a Freeduino development board—can be done for about $60 by anyone with the ability to use a soldering iron. You can find the shopping list, instructions to create the bolt, and code to program the Freeduino. [Makers Local 256 via Hack-a-day]

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missionary position

Still not convinced on these electronic entry systems- on the one hand they are supposedly more secure that good old fashioned key locks but many I've seen still rely on some kind of manual override system in case of power failure, faults or emergencies- so negating their absolute secure benefit as there is always some manual way of gaining access.

In the UK some cars have had keyless electronic locks fitted, but again many have some manual override system in place in the event of an emergency