Hilarious photographs recreate Renaissance paintings with junk food

These pictures by photographer Rebecca Rütten made me laugh so much because she re-created Renaissance-era poses and still life paintings with people today and a whole lot of junk food. It's a wonderful commentary on our culture and is pretty much what the Renaissance would look like, if it happened in 2015. » 1/09/15 12:18am 1/09/15 12:18am

This is how KFC actually makes its fried chicken from beginning to end

We've seen beyond the greasy curtain of fast food and discovered how KFC actually makes fried chicken from the raw animal to the final product that gets put into buckets and double downs at their stores. It's basically like how your grandma would do it—except they use an infernal magic machine called "pressure frier." » 10/28/14 11:14am 10/28/14 11:14am

Can fast food restaurants actually make burgers that look like the ads?

Most humans have accepted that fast food burgers will never look as good in real life as they do in commercials and advertisements. Those puffed up buns, saliva inducing patties, perfectly melted cheese, wonderfully dressed greens, etc. are all disgustingly limp in real life. But we eat them anyway! But what if you… » 6/16/14 8:45pm 6/16/14 8:45pm

Chipotle's Putting Essays On Its Cups So You Can Brain Up At Lunch

Sitting at a fast food joint eating by yourself is, at best, kind of boring—what are you gonna watch/read/stare at? Chipotle's new cups and bags, printed with original essays from writers including Malcom Gladwell and Toni Morrison, give you some reading material with your eating material that's maybe more interesting… » 5/15/14 4:40pm 5/15/14 4:40pm

Some Canadian Roads Smell Like French Fries Thanks to Recycled Oil

Fryer oil turns plain old potatoes into delicious french fries. It powers our biodiesel cars. And, now, it's being used to turn the dusty surfaces of rural Canadian roads into stable makeshift asphalt—AND THEY SMELL LIKE FRENCH FRIES. God bless our obsession with that infernally unhealthy liquid. » 4/03/14 3:40pm 4/03/14 3:40pm

Become a Master of the Secret Menu

You may already be familiar with In-N-Out's fabled secret menu, but it's just one of several popular food chains whose order options aren't limited to what's on display. In fact, there's a menagerie of exotic items and flavor combinations just waiting to be uncovered, if you know what to ask for. Here are five of… » 2/22/14 11:00am 2/22/14 11:00am

Fast Food Restaurants Were Supposed To Be Completely Automated by Now

In the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II, the food of 2015 looks incredibly familiar — it's just prepared a bit differently. Toss a miniature Pizza Hut pizza onto a pan, stick it into your Black & Decker Hydrator, tell the machine how you want it cooked, and three seconds later your pizza is ready. The appliance… » 1/14/14 3:42pm 1/14/14 3:42pm

This Crazy Pneumatic Tube System Will Deliver Burgers at 87 MPH

Waiter service too slow for you? How about a pneumatic tube that spits out sliders at 87 MILES PER HOUR? C One Espresso, a cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, has concocted just such a plan to deliver mini-burgers straight to your table via pressurized air. » 12/14/13 12:20pm 12/14/13 12:20pm

Scanning Fast Food Makes Fast Food Look Even Worse

This isn't exactly a news flash but hey, fast food isn't good for you. And though sometimes that burger or that hot dog might look appetizing in your head, it never looks like that in real life. Jon Feinstein's photography series about fast food takes the common items we know and love and uses a scanner to create… » 8/17/13 1:00am 8/17/13 1:00am

Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper Holder Upends Fast Food (and Sloth)

McDonald's struck first with its dedicated french fry holders, but Burger King's new Hands Free Whopper Holder has dramatically raised the bar when it comes to making fast food even more convenient. At this rate of innovation, in a few years we won't even have to chew our combo meals anymore. » 5/30/13 10:32am 5/30/13 10:32am

Dedicated McDonald's French Fry Holders Should Come Standard in…

Resisting the temptation to dig into your french fries after leaving the drive through at McDonald's takes discipline that only a handful of monks on Earth possess. And McDonald's Japan just wants you to stop fighting the urge altogether with the introduction of the potato holder that makes it easy to perch your large… » 4/18/13 2:40pm 4/18/13 2:40pm

The Wonderful World of Exotic McDonald's Food

The golden arches holds a special place in most American's hearts (or waistlines). The Big Mac, the Chicken Nuggets, the French Fries—they're all in your face delicious and define McDonald's better than Ronald ever could. But McDonald's overseas get to enjoy more than just the ordinary greatness, they have wonderful… » 3/08/13 1:00am 3/08/13 1:00am

Mountain Dew KickStart: You're Supposed to Drink This for Breakfast

Forget coffee. Forget juice. Forget milk, damnit. Mountain Dew wants you wash down your Wheaties with an energy drink. Nope. Nope. Nope. We're not going to do that. » 2/21/13 2:20pm 2/21/13 2:20pm

Breaking: Subway Is Experimenting With Creamy Sriracha Sauce to Spice…

Subway is reportedly experimenting with a "creamy Sriracha sauce" at select locations in California. Yes, you heard correctly, Subway might be taking a bold stride in defiance of those in America who would keep our food bland and boring, » 1/02/13 5:20pm 1/02/13 5:20pm

The Secret Origins of the Chicken Nugget

Chicken nuggets haven't always been made from pink slime, nor were they invented by McDonalds. Turns out we know surprisingly little about how these ubiquitous golden hunks of deep-fried poultry ever actually made it onto fast food menus. » 12/28/12 6:40pm 12/28/12 6:40pm

We've Been Eating Ketchup Wrong This Whole Time

You thought those small condiment cups you get at fast food restaurants only held a thimble's worth of ketchup, right? You were wrong. Horribly, brutally wrong. Turns out you can fan them out, meaning you can dunk your fries by the fistful into a sea of crimson tomato deliciousness. Consider your life forever changed. » 8/01/12 4:40pm 8/01/12 4:40pm

Vintage Video Review of McDonald's Breakfast Pre-Dates YouTube in the…

Some of you may be surprised to discover that fastfood reviews weren't invented by bored teens on YouTube (or bloggers at Gizmodo). » 6/13/12 1:55am 6/13/12 1:55am

London Olympics Will Have World's Largest McDonald's

The London 2012 Olympics, athletic event to top all athletic events, will be honored with the installment of the largest McDonald's fast-food restaurant on Earth. Seems a little ironic, no? [Eater via FoodBeast - Images via McDonald's / Flickr] » 4/27/12 9:40pm 4/27/12 9:40pm

The Robotic, Disco-Loving Waitstaff of the 1980s

In 1983, a Chinese fastfood restaurant in Pasadena, California, added two unlikely new employees to its waitstaff: Tanbo R-1 and Tanbo R-2, a pair of robots. Each cost $20,000 (which would today be $45,000, if adjusted for inflation) and, when in proper working order, scooted around delivering bowls of chow mein and… » 4/19/12 9:20pm 4/19/12 9:20pm

Scientific Proof That Junk Food Makes You Miserable

Next time you're stuffing your face with a limp fast food burger or street-side hot dog, ask yourself: Is it really making you happy? I mean, really? Not according to new research it isn't; in fact, eating junk food is linked to far higher rates of depression. » 4/02/12 10:42am 4/02/12 10:42am