Israeli Lunatic Sniper Instagrams a Photo of a Child in His Crosshairs

The Israeli Defense Forces has a history of overzealous campaigns on its official social media accounts. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that an IDF sniper doesn't take his job very seriously. Or that's the impression we get, since he Instagrammed a photo of what appears to be a Palestinian child in the crosshairs… » 2/18/13 12:58pm 2/18/13 12:58pm

Anonymous Targets Israel by Taking Down Hundreds of Websites and…

It looks like Anonymous followed up with its threat of digitally attacking Israel for taking military action in the Gaza strip. They've knocked down websites, deleted databases and have leaked e-mail addresses and passwords. It's a whopping takedown. » 11/16/12 11:00pm 11/16/12 11:00pm

Here's a statement from Anonymous explaining why they attacked…

PC Laptop Makers Have Completely Given Up

Intel dumped $300 million into the laptop industry to buy it something it's never had before: attention. Ultrabooks sound cool, and could look beautiful while running like little thin crust pizzas of awesome. Instead, we're seeing pathetic MacBook Air clones. » 9/14/11 3:30pm 9/14/11 3:30pm

Light Peak May Arrive in Early 2010, Maybe In New Apple Products?

According to a major Light Peak provider's plans, products with the ultrafast connectivity standard may arrive as soon as early 2010. Apple helped in its development. Apple is rumored to adopt it first. Yes, you know where this is going. » 10/08/09 11:15am 10/08/09 11:15am

Hanvon Slate Packs Windows 7 Multitouch Into a Shiny Aluminum Shell

It may not be the Microsoft Courier or Apple Tablet, but GottaBeMobile's Xavier reckons the Hanvon is a pretty slick-looking device. The 8.9-inch multi-touch screen supports gestures, and would be great to watch movies or fool about online. » 9/29/09 7:25am 9/29/09 7:25am

Viliv's S10 "Blade" Netbook Tablet Boasts 10 Hours of Battery Life and…

Viliv, who's previously made the S5 and S7, seems to always have a bigger gadget on the horizon, and here at IDF they showed off the S10, a 10-inch convertible tablet running Windows 7. It's super-thin and looks really promising. » 9/23/09 9:48pm 9/23/09 9:48pm