Follow me ghost car navigation is the definitive road guide

Jaguar Land Rover says they are developing a 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen that "will allow drivers to get a complete, unhindered view of the road." I can't wait for this to be real and standard in every car, although it's probably still a long time away. The best feature: Follow Me Ghost Car navigation. » 12/19/14 9:42pm 12/19/14 9:42pm

IBM Roadrunner Tops Cray as the Official World's Fastest Supercomputer

It's like a geek soap opera. Just last week, Cray bragged that their updated Jaguar XT » 11/17/08 11:45am 11/17/08 11:45am supercomputer was the world's fastest. Now this week, IBM responds to the trash talk with a number one ranking of their Roadrunner system on the newly published Top500 supercomputing list.Both the IBM and Cray systems break the…

Jaguar XF Gets Apple Designed Control Interface

According to Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director, the revised XF shall boast a reworked control interface—reworked by Apple, no less. In an interview with CAR magazine, Mr Callum said, "We have been working with Apple on control interfaces." Assuming Mr. Callum did not forget to add "an" before "Apple" in that… » 9/01/07 9:45am 9/01/07 9:45am