Stuntmen in LED Suits Made This Impossible Parkour Run a Reality

The advent of CGI has allowed us to realize things on-screen we never thought would be possible—from living, breathing dinosaurs, to giant transforming robots. But it's become so over-used that over-the-top practical effects now draw the biggest wows from audiences, like Lexus' use of countless LED-suit clad stuntmen » 7/02/14 12:30am 7/02/14 12:30am

You Won't Believe These Perfectly Synced Drones Aren't CGI

Autonomous quadcopter drones aren't all about flying into dangerous areas where humans fear to tread. Besides being disposable, they also make for perfectly precise pint-sized pilots, as this Lexus ad entitled Amazing In Motion demonstrates. When you watch it, keep in mind that not a single quadcopter in the… » 11/08/13 9:40am 11/08/13 9:40am

Why You Shouldn't Be Too Quick to Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world's largest car companies are beginning to follow Google's lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves. The thought is that autonomous cars will reduce the number of… » 1/10/13 5:00pm 1/10/13 5:00pm

Using an iPad to Animate a Print Ad Is a Huge Waste of Time

If you happen to stumble across the ad for the 2013 Lexus ES in your favorite magazine, you'll be able to bring it to life using a technology the carmaker's ad agency is calling CinePrint. But 'technology' is a generous description since all it does is use an iPad placed under the page to play an animation which… » 10/09/12 11:50am 10/09/12 11:50am

Lexus Nuaero Concept is Straight Out of Starship Troopers

Does one reach for a camera or a can of RAID when the Lexus Nuaero concept pulls into the driveway? Sure Jon Rådbrink's design looks incredibly cool, fast and futuristic; but then again I've also spent the last few minutes looking over my shoulder to see if Sigourney Weaver was about to burst from the wall in a load… » 8/17/08 9:00pm 8/17/08 9:00pm

Lexus LX 570 Lets You See Around Corners With Front and Side Cameras

Next year's Lexus LX 570 has got some pretty spiffy tech attached to it — including a visual system that allows you to clock what's going on around, beside and below you while you park or un-park. Its "front-wide view and side monitoring system" consists of little spy cameras, one on the radiator grille, plus a couple… » 11/29/07 6:20am 11/29/07 6:20am

Lexus' Blind Corner Camera System Slaps Cameras on the RVMs

Today at the Auto Show here in NYC, Lexus unveiled their new blind corner camera system. It features cameras mounted on the front of the rearview mirrors, giving you a view of the road when you're pulling out from somewhere with poor visibility, such as a parking garage. It melds the views from the cameras together,… » 4/04/07 5:30pm 4/04/07 5:30pm

Lexus IS 350: Hands All Over, Lots of Power, Even More Gadgets

Gizmodo friends over at Wired's Gadgetlab reviewed a Lexus, not for it's drive impressions, but for its gadget-ocity. The count: In-dash navigation system with rearview backup camera, heated and ventilated seats, SmartAccess key that unlocks the doors and enables the starter button when you get close, radar assisted… » 8/01/06 10:07pm 8/01/06 10:07pm