Using an iPad to Animate a Print Ad Is a Huge Waste of Time

If you happen to stumble across the ad for the 2013 Lexus ES in your favorite magazine, you'll be able to bring it to life using a technology the carmaker's ad agency is calling CinePrint. But 'technology' is a generous description since all it does is use an iPad placed under the page to play an animation which enhances the still imagery in the ad.


So why can't iPad users just download the accompanying app and watch the animation whenever they want? Oh, they can? Then why would anyone wait until they came across this ad in a magazine to try it out—and more importantly—why are people still buying magazines if they own an iPad? Hopefully you put more thought into your vehicles, Lexus. [YouTube via SlashGear]

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"Using an iPad to Animate a Print Ad Is a Huge Waste of Time" says the site that thinks that animated GIFs are new and awesome.