What It's Like to Be Inside the Head of Someone Who's Losing His Mind

This powerful short film from Paul Trillo puts the camera behind a man named Terry as we follow him through the streets of New York City. We see everything he sees as he’s walking but in a unique twist in perspective, we also get to hear everything he’s thinking too. And he’s losing his mind. Every nervous thought,…

Short film: A late night phone call between exes brings back memories

Dan Woodliff’s Still is a powerful short film that shows the emotional roller coaster ride that can happen when you look back at your memories with someone you love. It’s a mix of tense feelings, a whole lot of regret, a dash of hopefulness and a bit of happiness. Anyone who’s been on the phone with an ex after a…


The only reason we need to celebrate the New Year—and every year until we die

The New Year is here. A unit of time that doesn’t mean anything to the Universe—stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, quasars, dark matter, and the other living beings that for sure populate the cosmos don’t care about the arbitrary dates that we little humans have created. And yet, we celebrate.