These incredible aerial views of San Francisco are just jaw dropping

My God, take a look at these photos. Master photographer Vincent LaForet captured San Francisco in such incredible detail and in such a fascinating perspective that it's truly breathtaking. You can see the entire city—all 7 miles by 7 miles—stamped on the Earth with its beautiful bridges stretched across the sea. » 3/19/15 11:23pm 3/19/15 11:23pm

Dish Just Agreed To Blanket San Fran With This Crazy New Cellular Tech

Dish wants to be a mobile phone carrier. Dish wants it bad. And Steve Perlman—the genius behind QuickTime, WebTV and OnLive—has spent over a decade working on tech that could allegedly leapfrog our current cell networks. So guess who just teamed up to potentially revolutionize the mobile internet? Yep. » 2/24/15 3:22pm 2/24/15 3:22pm

Good night, San Francisco

San Francisco isn't Gotham. That's New York (or Chicago if you want to be wrong). San Francisco is too colorful, too weird, too positive and too future friendly to be the dark and gritty Gotham City. But Toby Harriman stripped the color of SF in this time lapse and man, the city by the bay looks pretty good when… » 2/13/15 11:20pm 2/13/15 11:20pm

A Bizarre Statistical Fact About Patents in San Francisco

I have discovered something extremely strange about San Francisco. It has to do with how many patents the city has produced in the past 25 years. » 2/04/15 6:00pm 2/04/15 6:00pm

Scientists Used Sonar to Find San Francisco's Notorious Lost Shipwreck

In 1901, steamer ship City of Rio de Janeiro sank on its way into the San Francisco Bay, killing 128 passengers and disappearing into the ocean. The famous lost ship stayed disappeared for over 100 years, its location suspected but never confirmed. Now, thanks to a sonar technology called "Echoscope," scientists have… » 12/12/14 10:15am 12/12/14 10:15am

L.A. and San Francisco Are Suing Uber, Too

On Monday, Portland sued Uber; now, L.A. and San Francisco are joining in, too. The cites have sued the ride-hailing company on the grounds that it misleads consumers about their safety as well as overcharging them. » 12/10/14 3:45am 12/10/14 3:45am

Trust Us, Change Your Yosemite Font From Helvetica to San Francisco

Brittle, anemic Helvetica is simply not a good choice as a default display font for Apple's operating system. That's why I'm pretty excited about this little trick to replace Helvetica Neue (the standard font that comes with Yosemite) with San Francisco, Apple's new typeface designed in-house for the Apple Watch. » 12/08/14 5:20pm 12/08/14 5:20pm

59% of robberies in San Francisco involve the theft of a smartphone

Thefts involving smartphones are on the rise according to a new FCC study. In 2013, 3.1 million Americans had their smartphones stolen. That was up from 1.6 million thefts in 2012. » 12/05/14 1:59pm 12/05/14 1:59pm

Poop, Giant Snails, Men's Legs: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

Mapping human poo in San Francisco. Tracking stinky snails in Florida. And coming up with a way to tell men that if they could just learn to close their legs, please, the NYC subway would suck so much less for everyone. Be forewarned, it's kind of a gross edition of What's Ruining Our Cities. » 11/23/14 2:00pm 11/23/14 2:00pm

A Tour of 'San Fransokyo,' the Hybrid City Disney Built for Big Hero 6

The new movie Big Hero 6 represents the first-ever partnership between Marvel and Disney, two entities known for constructing fantastical universes. So it's not surprising that bringing the story to film also required building an entire city of the future: a blend of Tokyo and San Francisco named San Fransokyo. » 11/10/14 12:35pm 11/10/14 12:35pm

Speed Limits, Skybridges, Paint: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

New York City takes a big step to save lives on the streets, but not everyone wants to slow down. And Twitter's proposing a way to keep its employees separated from the regular people of San Francisco, at least while they're at work. It's What's Ruining Our Cities! » 11/09/14 12:00pm 11/09/14 12:00pm

Baseball, Lava, Street Harassment: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

A video on street harassment sparks an online debate. Fiery lava is slowly encroaching upon a town in Hawaii. And winning the World Series is always a great excuse to burn down a neighborhood. It's a hot list in this week's What's Ruining Our Cities. » 11/02/14 4:30pm 11/02/14 4:30pm

The New Big Hero 6 Trailer Reveals Even More Ass-Kicking Animation

I could not be more excited for the first Disney-Marvel mashup Big Hero 6, coming to theaters this fall. In a new trailer released today at NYC's Comic-Con, we get to see more of the action, backdropped by epic San Fransokyo views and superhero suits that were inspired by visits to real-life robotics labs. » 10/09/14 3:56pm 10/09/14 3:56pm

San Francisco Has Legalized Airbnb

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to formalize regulations around short-term rental schemes, like those made possible by Airbnb—though it's not without its caveats. » 10/08/14 4:30am 10/08/14 4:30am

Why Sprawling LA Could Be Denser Than NYC in a Decade

By 2025, the biggest cities in the world will not only be bigger, but exceptionally denser. According to a new study, Hong Kong will be the densest megacity on the planet, almost twice as crowded as the runner up. And here in the U.S.—and this might be a real shocker—Los Angeles may be more dense than New York City. » 9/24/14 7:30pm 9/24/14 7:30pm

So This Is How You Move a Neighborhood of Houses Across San Francisco

San Francisco's current tech-led boom has seen slick new housing high-rises pop up all across the grid, but Bay Area urban renewal in the 1970s had a very different look. Photographer Dave Glass is a native of the city's Western Addition, and snapped these images of Victorians being driven around town like massive… » 9/20/14 10:00am 9/20/14 10:00am

Watch the High-Tech Levi's Stadium Being Built In a Dazzling Timelapse

Earlier in September, the San Francisco 49ers' spanking new high-tech stadium opened with its 600 WiFi access points and green roof and hot dog-ordering app. But just 29 months ago, Levi's Stadium was an empty lot in the ground. The entire stadium takes shape in this two-minute timelapse video. » 9/19/14 2:16pm 9/19/14 2:16pm

California is such a stunningly gorgeous place

I'm biased because I grew up in California so it'll always be home to me but I'll always be a little jealous of people who aren't from here, just for the opportunity to be able to see it for the first time with brand new eyes. It's such a big state that there are so many different faces of beauty. » 9/05/14 9:35pm 9/05/14 9:35pm

Zipping from San Francisco to Oakland in 5 Minutes

Last week I had two friends from the Bay Area over to my apartment in Los Angeles. They recently moved to San Francisco from Oakland and I asked how they liked their new digs. "We love it. But I wish there was a way to get between Oakland and San Francisco easier." » 8/22/14 4:16pm 8/22/14 4:16pm

Guy climbs a building with no equipment like a real life Spider-Man

Meet the closest thing we have to a real life Spider-Man: rock climber Alex Honnold. After scaling mountains and rock walls as high as 1500 feet in nature, Honnold has finally decided that with great power comes great responsibility and has taken in his talents to the city. Watch him climb urban buildings with ease. » 8/12/14 6:30pm 8/12/14 6:30pm