Oh God, This Horrifying Sidewalk Sinkhole

If you're a person with irrational fears of urban horror stories, stay far far away from this real-life video of two people falling into a sidewalk hole in Seoul, where sinkholes are a mysterious and apparently growing problem in the city thanks in part (maybe?) to super tall skyscrapers. They step off a bus—only to… » 2/24/15 3:49pm 2/24/15 3:49pm

A peek into the life of South Korea's food porn superstars

Thousands of South Koreans tune in daily to Muk-bang (eating broadcasts): Online live-stream channels where people eats large amounts of food on camera. Those people, called Broadcast Jockeys (BJ's), became real celebrities that could earn up to $9000 a month just by sharing meals with their lonely audience. » 2/17/15 9:24am 2/17/15 9:24am

You Can Pay to Watch Strangers Eat on the Internet in South Korea

Eating alone can be lonely. That's why so many people take meals at their desks, or watching TV. But in South Korea, single eaters are adopting an odd but kinda logical solution to remedy the lonesome eater's blues: People are paying to see other people eat on the Internet. » 2/05/15 1:04pm 2/05/15 1:04pm

This Is What Seoul and Pyongyang Look Like at Night

North Korea and South Korea are very different places. But seeing their respective capital cities, Seoul and Pyongyang, next to each other at night makes that difference more stark than ever. » 1/20/15 6:47am 1/20/15 6:47am

Hackers Uploaded a Worm to South Korean Nuclear Plants

Here's a scary thing that happened: South Korean authorities found evidence that a worm was recently removed from devices connected to nuclear power facilities. The news comes a little over a week after the country's nuclear plant operator received warnings on Twitter that its network had been compromised. Thankfully,… » 12/30/14 10:55am 12/30/14 10:55am

Potato Chip Boat Proves There's Far Too Much Air In Your Bag of Snacks

We all know the frustration of tearing open a huge, tantalizing bag of chips or nachos or Funyons or whatever and realizing the bag's 2/3rds air. Two South Korean college students just proved how empty our snack vessels are, by paddling a raft made of unopened potato chip bags across a river. » 10/04/14 7:00pm 10/04/14 7:00pm

RoboCop Brought to Life in This Custom Sculpture

Hogap Lee is a brilliant sculptor. Kotaku has profiled his work before (remember this Dead Space piece?). Lee's latest work is a RoboCop statue, fittingly called "Murphy." It is fantastic. » 8/26/14 1:58pm 8/26/14 1:58pm

Mysterious Sinkholes Are Forming Near the Site of This Rising Supertall

When it's finished in 2016, the Lotte World Tower will reach more than 1,800 feet. But unfortunately, crews are encountering some problems as they near the top: Small sinkholes are forming in the neighborhood, and a nearby lake is mysteriously emptying into... hopefully not the base of the world's sixth tallest… » 7/30/14 1:31pm 7/30/14 1:31pm

Baseball team is so bad it had to install robots to cheer up human fans

The Hanwha Eagles—a South Korean baseball team famed for losing—now have robot fans to cheer them on. Absent supporters can use social media to deliver messages and show their faces on the robots' LEDs. This has to be the saddest, most depressing thing I've ever seen in any sport. » 7/25/14 10:17am 7/25/14 10:17am

This white guy got plastic surgery to look more like a Korean guy

In a complete reversal of typical plastic surgeries involving Koreans, this time, a Brazilian man of European descent went under the knife and got plastic surgery to look like a Korean guy. Everybody wants to look like anybody but themselves! » 5/31/14 12:13am 5/31/14 12:13am

Man is stuck in South Korea after his kid doodled all over his passport

A Chinese man and his four-year-old son are apparently stuck in South Korea because his son used his old man's passport as a drawing book. Seriously. While on vacation, the kid started doodling over his Dad's passport, decorating it with human-ish and animal-ish figures, a lot of scribbles and some added flair. Cute! » 5/30/14 7:40pm 5/30/14 7:40pm

The Beautiful Radio Station Broadcasting From Nepal's "Hidden Kingdom"

Mustang is one of the most remote parts of Nepal: Nestled on the border of Tibet, it was one of the last parts of the country to encounter Westerners. It's been described as a "hidden kingdom" that's been "virtually unchanged since the 15th century," but modern technology—like radio—is coming. » 4/17/14 3:00pm 4/17/14 3:00pm

Oh god, Korean plastic surgery will never cease to amaze me

I'm truly fascinated by the obsession of some South Korean women to transform themselves into this animesque beauty ideal through extreme plastic surgery. This is not the case of this woman, however. Her story is quite sad. » 4/04/14 12:30am 4/04/14 12:30am

South Korea Thinks It Found Two Crashed Drones From North Korea

On Wednesday, South Korean officials unveiled photos of two rudimentary drones that crashed over the border, on South Korean land, around the same time the country exchanged live fire with North Korea. And, indeed, they think it was the North Koreans who sent the drones—if you want to call them drones, that is. » 4/02/14 11:00am 4/02/14 11:00am

South Korean marines storm the beach as smoke screens explode above them during a military exercise with the United States in Pohang on Monday. The same day, South Korea exchanged fire with North Korea, who is threatening a fourth nuclear test, in the Yellow Sea, a violent sign of increased tension between two… » 3/31/14 10:31am 3/31/14 10:31am

South Korean University Now Accepts Gamers as Student Athletes

Man, remember how your folks would harass you about getting ahead in life rather than molting in front of a video game for 42 hours on end? Throw this in your mama's face: Chung-Ang University in South Korea now considers competitive gamers the same as traditional athletes. And it's a top 10 (South Korean) school! » 3/19/14 3:20pm 3/19/14 3:20pm

South Korea Is Building a Series of Biodomes for Endangered Species

Planet Earth is falling apart. It sounds a bit dramatic when you put it in such stark terms, but, in many ways, it's true. The list of endangered species grows every year as humans bulldoze more habitats and belch more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. What's an environmentalist to do? » 3/03/14 1:20pm 3/03/14 1:20pm

The shocking contrast between the two Koreas as seen from space

No propaganda can hide the stark contrast between South Korea and North Korea as seen from orbit. A buzzing megalopolis and a bright constellation of cities versus a sea of nothingness and a capital that looks miserable despite the fact that it houses 3.26 million people. » 2/25/14 2:33am 2/25/14 2:33am

Korean police training is absolutely ridiculous

I don't know what the hell is going on here. Maybe this is the normal training of all special forces in the world. It just looks ridiculous to me. Check out the video and you tell me in the comments. » 2/12/14 8:18pm 2/12/14 8:18pm

South Korea's Internet Is More Oppressive Than You Think

Everybody's been freaking out in the past couple of weeks by news that South Korea is building a new broadband network that will be 50 times faster than the average connection in the United States. That's fast! Too bad South Koreans won't be able to use maps or access thousands of sites. » 2/11/14 6:20pm 2/11/14 6:20pm