Someday You Could Save Your Files With Nothing But a Sticky Note

Today's slim, svelte computers look great. You, on the other hand, look like a total yutz fumbling around to plug a thumb drive into a USB port that's somehow perpetually upside down. What if saving your data was as easy as slapping a sticky note on your screen? That's what a design team proposes with this highly… »3/11/14 7:00pm3/11/14 7:00pm

These Tiny Canon USB Sticks Don't Take Photos, Only Store 'Em

The mini Canon 5D DSLR flash drive of the other year has a couple of similarly-statured friends joining him at the flash-storage convention: an IXUS 200IS compact camera and Legra HD camcorder version. Both have the same retractable USB arms and 4GB of storage, but my heart will always belong to the 5D. [Behance via … »4/26/11 8:20am4/26/11 8:20am

USB Drive Loaded with British Military Troop Movements Found on Floor of a Nightclub

It looks as though the UK's Ministry of Defense is about to come down hard on the person responsible for leaving a USB drive loaded with troop movements on the floor of "The Beach" nightclub in Newquay, Cornwall. The drive was picked up by a random clubgoer who promptly turned it over to the most responsible party he… »9/09/08 5:40pm9/09/08 5:40pm

Lenovo's Olympics-Themed Flash Drives Go From Cheesy To Luxurious

Lenovo got to design the Olympic torch »8/11/08 7:25am8/11/08 7:25am for this year's Games, and to celebrate they released a bunch of different USB flash drives, each one with an Olympic theme. Over at they've detailed all of them: perhaps the sleekest being the one that looks like the torch itself, and is made from the same material, which is…

"Nailed" Flash Drive For People Who Secretly Hate Their Computer

There are plenty of odd USB drives out there-especially ones shaped like food. But those drives are meant for happy-go-lucky types that may or may not have an eating disorder. But what about hotheads that have a love/hate relationship with their computer? Plankon's 1GB "Nailed" USB drive fills that void with a design… »7/29/08 4:00pm7/29/08 4:00pm