Illustration for article titled Memory City Will Turn Your Mountain of Flash Drives into a Byte-Sized Burg

The flash drives are taking over. They live in your desk drawers, you laptop bag, between your couch cushions and in your pockets. They're taking over. It's out of control. They need a home. Behold, Memory City.


Memory City is like the Land of Toys in Pinocchio. It's a place where thumb drives are free to exist as a critical mass of occasionally-accessed storage, and live a carefree existence. And on the plus side, they won't turn into donkeys and corrupt your data.

With your help, Memory City can grow to contain four USB drives, three USB caps, three SD cards, three mini-SD cards. Sadly though, a home is not a hub, and you'll still have to plug them into your computer, one by one. [Design 3000 via Oh Gizmo! via Holy Cool]

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