George Takei Wants to Unite Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans in War…

Star Wars and Star Trek very probably have the most rabid fans known to geekdom. But they're constantly trying to one up each other! What's better! Who's more awesome! Even the stars—William Shatner and Carrie Fisher—have gotten into it with each other. STOP IT. NO MORE. There's a bigger enemy out there: Twilight. » 12/12/11 7:40pm 12/12/11 7:40pm

Pure Combines SAD Light With a Digital Radio for Edward Cullen-Free…

As the winter months pull us in, it's that time of the year again when people ponder purchasing a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamp. I sprung for a Philips one a few years ago, and never looked back. » 11/25/10 5:00am 11/25/10 5:00am

Woman Sues Movie Theater After Being Arrested For Recording Twilight

Remember the woman who was arrested for recording two minutes of Twilight in a movie theater? Turns out that after spending two days in jail, she decided to sue the movie theater in which she was caught. » 7/01/10 9:40pm 7/01/10 9:40pm

Beautiful Air Purifier Doubles As A Smell-O-Vision Display

The Twilight air purifier concept design has a slender, sheet-like OLED display which allows you to view videos or images while your air is cleaned of impurities, cooled down, and filled with a pleasant fragrance to match what you're watching. » 5/17/10 11:20pm 5/17/10 11:20pm

Recording Two Minutes of Twilight Could Lead to Three Years of Jail

A woman is potentially facing three years in jail for recording three minutes of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. Three years. In Jail. Over Twilight. » 12/03/09 11:20pm 12/03/09 11:20pm

Blood Energy Potion Cures Imaginary Afflicitions Four Hours At A Time

Jack pointed out the lameness and creepiness of the Blood Energy Potion, but it gets lamer and creepier. The makers are touting it as being the best way to deal with your imagined vampirism while drinking faux blood. » 10/20/09 7:00pm 10/20/09 7:00pm

Blood Energy Drink Surprisingly Not Comprised of Bottled Twilight

This vampire shit has gone too far. I mean really, can we just drop the act and start drinking real human blood already? » 9/27/09 3:00pm 9/27/09 3:00pm

Please, Nobody Show This Twilight USB Drive to Any Girls

Do you think that your eardrums being intact is a good thing? Then please, don't show this Twilight USB drive to any girls between the age of 9 and 15. Or was it 45. Can't tell these days. [EntertainmentEarth] » 6/29/09 7:40pm 6/29/09 7:40pm

Now You Can Read Twilight, Golden Compass On Your iPhone

If your one dream in life was to read the teenage vampire novel Twilight on your iPhone and pay twice as much as normal, you can now die happy. » 12/22/08 9:00pm 12/22/08 9:00pm

Nintendo's Homebrew-Killing Patch Already Hacked

This week Nintendo sealed up the Twilight Princess hack which had previously allowed homebrew enthusiasts to work their brewy magic. Well, the patch has been circumvented after only a few days, and the fix should be available for download soon. [Wii Fanboy] » 6/19/08 8:25pm 6/19/08 8:25pm