Nokia's Working on a Tablet With a "Uniquely Nokia Prospective"

Sure, Nokia's making a tablet. But what's it going to run? Windows Phone 7? Windows 7? Meego? Symbian? Android? Bueller? Whatever they choose, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop wants to take their sweet time getting it right: "We could take advantage of Microsoft technology and software, and build a Windows-oriented tablet, or… » 4/28/11 6:30am 4/28/11 6:30am

RIM Flounders When Asked Why People Should Buy Their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Promising that "we will have an over the air email client to announce very very soon," RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie also spoke of the reaction to the PlayBook tablet in the first wave of reviews. Labelling that it wasn't "fair" reviewers suggested they rushed the tablet out too fast, he also failed to convince the watcher… » 4/15/11 4:00am 4/15/11 4:00am

BlackBerry Boss Angrily Storms Out of a BBC Interview

RIM's Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is on a roll with expressing his feelings of anger/hurt/outrage, as shown in a NYT interview yesterday and now a cut-short video with the BBC, which dared to ask about the "security problem" of the last year which saw BlackBerry services temporarily terminated in the Middle East and India. » 4/13/11 11:55am 4/13/11 11:55am

BlackBerry Boss Has a Meltdown as He Asks Why People Aren't Nice About Them

RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis moaned to the NYT: "Why is it that people don't appreciate our profits? Why is it that people don't appreciate our growth? Why is it that people don't appreciate the fact that we spent the last four years going global? Why is it that people don't appreciate that we have 500 carriers in 170… » 4/12/11 3:20am 4/12/11 3:20am

Microsoft's Chief Strategy Officer Questions the Longevity of Tablets

Speaking at an economic development event in Australia, Craig Mundie, Microsoft's Global Chief Research and Strategy Officer, more or less admitted Microsoft was late to the consumer smartphone and tablet game. But also voiced some hesitations towards tablets, saying "I don't know whether the big screen tablet pad… » 3/30/11 9:59pm 3/30/11 9:59pm

Sprint's Dan Hesse Thinks AT&T and Verizon Control Too Much of the Market

Here's what Dan Hesse had to say about the pending AT&T-Mobile merger and the looming state of mobile communications when he sat down with CNBC's Jim Cramer: "Well, I think what it, in essence, a lot—what a lot of people have said is, if you basically—if you approve this deal, AT&T-T-Mobile, in essence you're… » 3/22/11 7:20pm 3/22/11 7:20pm

World's Third Richest Man Isn't So Sure About Apple

Billionaire Warren Buffett on Apple: "Even though Apple may have the most wonderful future in the world, I'm not capable of bringing any drink to that particular party and evaluating that future...I simply look at businesses where I think I have some understanding of what they might look like in five or 10 years." [… » 3/21/11 7:00am 3/21/11 7:00am

Richard Branson Would Love to Merge Virgin With Apple

Speaking to TechRadar about Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson commented that "everything he does is real class and if he wants to rename his company Virgin Apple I'd be happy to merge!" Could we see Virgin Apple Galactic taking off in the future? Doubtful, but I bet it'd look a whole heap like 2001: A Space Odyssey. [… » 3/10/11 11:04am 3/10/11 11:04am