RIM Flounders When Asked Why People Should Buy Their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Promising that "we will have an over the air email client to announce very very soon," RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie also spoke of the reaction to the PlayBook tablet in the first wave of reviews. Labelling that it wasn't "fair" reviewers suggested they rushed the tablet out too fast, he also failed to convince the watcher why they should buy the PlayBook.


When talking about how they're going to appeal to non-enterprise users (ie consumers), two of his four answers as to why Joe Public should buy a PlayBook included Android apps (not yet available), and the 3G version. Which isn't on sale yet. In fact, his fourth reason why non-BlackBerry users should buy the PlayBook is because "you can also pair it with your BlackBerry for free." He then mentions (again) that there'll be a 3G version coming later.

Methinks the Co-CEO is running out of reasons why anyone should buy their tablet. You can see Balsillie's video interview here. [Bloomberg]

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Are Android apps that have to be ported to QNX still Android apps?