Google Verbatim: Suggested Search's Goateed Twin

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I swear, sometimes Google search is a little too helpful. I prefer my search engines not try to out-think me so normally I just use quotation marks to force it into strict searches. But now, Google Verbatim does that for me automatically, sans the quotes.

By activating Verbatim mode, Google will search only for the exact words and phrases you input. It will not suggest spelling alternatives, personalize your search include synonym results, or use similar words with the same stem (Gizmo and Gizmodo, for example)—essentially the same as including quotes around the search terms. The Verbatim feature can be activated from the More Search Tools list on the left side of the Google search page. [Maximum PC]

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I hate when google guesses what I want. I just told you what I want. Search for that please and THEN you can suggest alternatives. If I want to search an uncommon word, I probably want to search for that spelling, not wahtever you THINK I want.