Waste Disposal in US Landfills Has Been Underestimated by 115%

The amount of municipal waste being disposed of in the US is more than double – 262 million tonnes (metric tons) versus 122 million tonnes in 2012 – previous estimates, our new study shows. We also found that the US has plenty of space to put it all – more than 70 years’ worth of space, actually. »9/23/15 4:45am9/23/15 4:45am

Here's What Happens To Your Beer Can After You Recycle It

Hey! Friday night! Time to celebrate. With beer. Since we already know what happens to us once we've popped the top on a few too many cold ones—hello, hangover—let's take a look at what happens to that can after you've pounded it; chances are, it will be less than a few months until it's already back chilling out in… »8/29/14 10:00pm8/29/14 10:00pm

Wastewater from Cheese is Generating Electricity in Wisconsin

As the country's largest producer of cheese, Wisconsin is also the country's largest producer of cheese waste. But why think of that as a bad thing? In the hands of some enterprising Wisconsinites, what was once wastewater is now electricity. This is, after all, the same state that's using salty cheese brine to de-ice… »1/30/14 10:00am1/30/14 10:00am

A Tour of the Largest Commingled Recycling Plant in the U.S.

As of last month, New York City's Sunset Park waterfront is home to the largest commingle recycling facility in the nation. After its inaugural run on opening day, the facility shut down for some final tweaks and testing before it opens full time. During this period of maintenance, Gizmodo visited the new facility for… »1/03/14 11:00am1/03/14 11:00am