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Apparently toilet technologists Toto have felt the rains down in Africa one too many times, developing a new backdoor spritzer known as the 'Washlet' that tries to give a modern-day spin to the bidet. While Science Toilets are nothing new — the Japanese have led this field for decades, for better or worse (see: Tubgirl) — Toto is pushing the Washlet with all they've got, with videos, infomercials, and even a multi-story Times Square ad. Will Americans finally warm up to a warm water pulse on their sour apples? I could assume, but opinions are like assholes: they often feel cleanest when hit with a jet of heated steam.

Meanwhile, back in Japan, Toto has added a 'hydroelectric' convertor that uses the wasted flush energy to power the infrared sensor, keeping the internal battery charged for up to 10 years. It even tries to guess what number you've worked out and adjusts the amount of water as appropriate. (Thanks, Robert!)
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