It's difficult to express the timeless influence Dieter Rams has had on the world of design. From the iPhone in your pocket to the clock on your wall, his elegant and simple voice is everywhere. The only problem with Dieter Rams-designed products? They're almost impossible to find.

That is, until now. A new shop just popped up online called Das Programm that specializes exclusively in Dieter Rams-designed products. Featuring some of the greatest hits from the designer's time at Braun as well as his work at Vitsœ furniture, the shop is jam-packed with clean lines and muted color palettes. And there's no shortage of things that look like they could be Apple products because, as many people know, Rams was a massive influence on Jony Ive, the head of design over in Cupertino.

Das Programm is a great store for browsing—and the site itself seems to mimic the sleek lines of Rams' products. It is not, however, a store with a bargain basement, a sale section or really anything priced under about $300. Some of the more choice items even require an application in order to purchase. But just remember: Great design comes at a price. [Archinect]


Braun PC 4 (1960)

Braun ABK 31 (1985)


Braun HLD 4 (1970)

Braun Rallye / Sixtant Color (1971)


Braun Phase 1 (1971)

Nizo 1000 (1968)


Braun ET 55 control LCD w. Apple logo (1981)

Vitsœ 601 Easy Chair (1960)


Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System (1960)

Top image via SFMOMA / Others via Das Programm