10 Movies About Possession Featuring Creepily Sexualized Girl-Women [NSFW]

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Inspired by the impending release of yet another possession movie, The Rite, with a (you guessed it) creepily sexualized girl-woman, we bring you . . .

10 Movies About Possession Featuring Creepily Sexualized Girl-Women

1. The Rite
Let's start with the most recent, shall we? This flick comes out Friday, and includes all our favorite exorcism themes: Daddy issues, a priest with a crisis of faith, and a teenage girl who goes all licky-lips and "you know you want to fuck me" with the guy sent to do her exorcism.

2. The Exorcist
Yes, it's the modern-day movie that started the whole sexualized preteen Satan girl thing, with this famous scene of the possessed 12-year-old screaming "Let Jesus fuck you!" while stabbing her pussy with a crucifix. They just don't do it like they did in 1972 anymore. Which is kind of good, I think.

3. The Last Exorcism
In this scary pseudo-documentary, we know that the teen girl is possessed because she starts licking the female documentary filmmaker and taking off her clothes. Later, she offers the exorcist a blow job.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based on "true events," this is the story of a young woman who dies in the middle of year-long series of exorcisms - and whose family is brought up on charges of murder through neglect. Among her many symptoms of Satanization is a penchant for undressing.

5. Night of the Demons
It's 1988, and goth teen Angela joins her pals for a Halloween party in a funeral parlor closed down due to all the murders that have happened there. What could go wrong? Angela is possessed by a demon, and immediately starts in with the exotic dancing and sexytime moves before killing everybody.

6. Ghostbusters
What has the power to turn a nerdy musician played by Sigorney Weaver into a sexpot with permed hair and a gold off-the-shoulder dress? Duh - demonic possession by Zul, which drives her to a horny quest for the "keymaster."

7. The Devils
As Ken Russell proved in this psychotic movie that's been banned in about a zillion countries, you don't need real demonic possession to have hyper-sexual religious imagery. This is a flick about women accused of being witches, and all the Satan-inspired orgies they have without any supernatural help at all. Well, there is Oliver Reed's manly mustache, which is a kind of metaphysical force.

8. Jennifer's Body
How many ways can you combine possession with sexualization? Let this movie count them for you. The possession begins with Megan Fox being murdered in a Satanic ritual by lame musicians. In her post-rape, undead, demonized state, she goes on to seduce and eat half the guys in town.

9. Satanico Pandemonium
A classic nunsploitation flick from Mexico, this is the tale of a gentle nun who begins to see Satan hanging around. This leads, of course, to rampant letching on boys, lesbianism, and nudity - not in that order.

10. REC 2
In this sequel to REC, we find out that all the vamp/zombie creatures in the quarantined house from the first movie are victims of a possessed woman! And how did she get possessed? By tongue-kissing another possessed lady! Isn't that always the way?




has there ever been an exorcism film with a man being possessed? i cant seem to recall any