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If you've been waiting for only the highest of HD resolutions before you spring for a projector to grace that luxo-sport home theater of yours, here's one that brings the price down to just $16K. British projector maker SIM2 Multimedia is getting ready to ship its Grand Cinema HT3000, a single-chip DLP projector that delivers the coveted 1920x1080p resolution, which amounts to the highest pixel count available on the HDTV standards list. Better yet, this monster offers 10-bit processing, which will result in noticeably smoother gradated colors than the industry-standard, old-fashioned 8-bit technology. Add to the mix two HDMI ports while still offering all the usual analog connections, and you've got a complete package. Now we just need to find something worthy of watching on such a highly-capable projector. Look for the HT3000 to be available in April.

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