Tween Engineer Invents Awesome, Rocky-Playing Deodorant

Just from glancing at Twitter, the old adage that the "kids are our future" becomes pretty bleak, pretty fast. Thankfully, 11-year-old Quinn Sheeran has arrived to restore your faith in humanity with his brilliantly epic Rocky-theme-playing deodorant—all engineered by the kid himself.

Inspired by the considerably more obnoxious musical greeting cards, Sheeran decided that Rocky's stairmaster soundtrack would be far more befitting of a stick of Old Spice than some weak birthday wish. So after disassembling the circuit from the card, our little engineer fastened a coil to the cap of the deodorant and reattached the card's electronics so that opening the container creates a closed circuit.

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Rightfully wowed by her little cousin's fantastic trick, Reddit user cmay3312 posted the above image on r/funny, where Sheeran quickly shot to notoriety, ultimately giving the following adorable quote to The Daily Dot:

I always liked engineering and creating little nicks and nacks, but when you look past that you see a normal kid. I thought it might be a good idea because I saw how much of a success the toothbrushes were that played music and I thought it would be fun to make something new.

It's certainly a wonderful feeling to see kids so inspired by technology and self-motivated enough to fiddle with it on their own. Well, unless you're the Old Spice Man, that is—in which case, you should probably watch your back. [Reddit via The Daily Dot]

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And they filmed it vertically.

Why do phones even let you do that? It's always shitty.