Love. Is there anything more important? No. Which is why, even though Valentine's Day may be over, you still have nothing more important to do then check out the 12 photos of love, submitted for this week's Shooting Challenge.

Winner: Haystack Rock


For Valentine's weekend, the girlfriend and I headed to Portland. This mostly involved lots of tasty food and photos at Multnomah Falls (naturally). But we also hit the coast to see Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. This is the location made infamous by The Goonies, and it's the rock you see in my photo. It was cold and rainy, but we couldn't help walking that beach for hours. Beautiful. This shot came out of a Fujifilm X-T1 with 18-55mm lens, handheld. Settings: 18 mm, 1/400 s, f / 2.8, ISO 200.

Andrew Gregor

Puppy Love

The first day with the new puppy doberman. Canon 5D Mark III - 135mm L - f2.0 - 1/200

Brandan Gajic



For the shooting challenge of "Love," it was more of an abstract one, and could go in many directions. When I happened upon a full box of heart shaped donuts, it was clear I had found my subject- and it was not likely to last long!

I captured the image with my Nokia Lumia 635, and did some basic color and contrast tweaks in the phone's Lumia Creative Studio. The images were then resized in Microsoft Paint to the requested resolutions.


And yes, for the record, I consumed the donut with the pink frosting. Mmmm....donuts!

Jonas Demuro

Stormtroopers In Love


I guess love is in the air! Who thought that Stormtroopers were going to fall in love? Well, they do and we have to get used to it. Ricoh GR, f2.8, 1/50, ISO200 Cheers and Happy Valentine's Days!

Alecia De Paula



It's quite a bit harder than it looks to take a picture of two rings on two hands, especially when one of the hands belongs to the photographer. Also, neither of us are hand models, obviously.These are our left hands, and those that know us (and know claddagh rings) would be jumping up and down and sqeeeeeeing because we've actually not told anybody that I proposed to her four days ago. [CONGRATS!!]

Canon EOS X3/T1i/500D with EF50mm f/1.8 II lens set at f/3.2 to try to bring both rings into focus. Snapped in RAW and quickly edited in Adobe Bridge Camera Raw.


Terry Kimura

Get A Room


Sitting at home on a Sunday we decided to go to the Denver Aquarium. Taken on a Canon 10D with a 50mm prime lens 1.8f 1/80.

Shane Sosh

A Lesson


I was with my kid and a friend of his and these two blokes were french kissing right there. I was a bit uncomfortable, more than I would if it was a heterossexual couple, I must admit. Then I observed the little kids that were with me not caring AT ALL. I took it as a lesson on my own bias. I thought that I was very pro-gay rights, but still felt uneasy looking at two guys kissing in public. Since the little kids were no caring, why should I? then I approach the guys and asked if I could take some snaps. Thank them and went away. Canon 5D M III, 50mm prime lens.

Marcelo Ribeiro



We decided to bypass the reservations at a fancy restaurant for a night on the town. Every second Saturday of the month there's the Wynwood Art Walk in Miami. Always a bunch of cool stuff to photograph around Wynwood. There was this art piece with the hearts where everyone wanted to photograph in front of. I thought the people gathered around it was more interesting. ISO 3200, f 2.5, 1/320 sec at 28mm.

Javier Valencia

Gateway Transit Plaza


Took this photo of Gateway Transit Plaza on Friday while walking around LA. A friend noticed how the yellow lights above the heart look like a crown and now I can't un-see it whenever I look at this! Taken with a Sony Nex-6, 55-210 lens.

AJ Sian

That Coworker Is Just Tops


A thoughtful coworker handed out gift bags to everyone a few days before Valentine's Day. When I pulled this top out of the bag (and after I played with it for a few minutes) I knew that it had to be the subject of a Valentine photo.

The Setup: Canon 60d on a tripod, Canon 24-105 f4L, LimoStudio monolight with a red gel lighting the background, The background is wrinkled aluminium foil on poster board, LimoStudio monolight with a 24"x24" softbox lighting the spinning top from the left and behind it, To capture the motion, I turned on the modeling light on the flash that was lighting the top and I used a slow 1/4 second shutter speed


Adrian Mathurin

Happy Anniversary


My friends asked me to take some pictures for their anniversary which they have on 14. of february. This one was taken during lights setting. Taken in small home studio with Canon 70D, 1/160s, 5.6f.

Adam Zupko



I got my girlfriend an arrangement of flowers for Valentine's day so while it was snowing on 2/14 we grabbed a pink rose and went out into the flurries and snapped this shot.

Really wanted to show a shallow depth of field: Nikon D3100, Nikon 35mm 1.8 Lens, ISO 400 โ€” f/1.8 โ€” 1/640 sec


Matt Lewis

Great entries all around, and thanks for being so open to sharing a glimpse into your (love)lives. Find the full-sized images on flickr.